Seale Harris Clinic

On October 5th, we will upgrade our Practice Management system. The new system will generate bills and may look different. In order to keep accounts current, we ask that patients go ahead and make payments that are listed on their bill.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make efforts to provide you with the best possible care.

Why choose Seale Harris Clinic?

  • Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) through AllScripts enables us to spend more time taking care of our patients and less time with paperwork. EHR’s help increase physician efficiency and help eliminate many office errors that would occur when using paper.
  • The ability to do testing in-house is a huge benefit to our patients. We do a full gamut of cardiovascular testing to including graded exercise testing (GXT) regular and nuclear, echocardiography, carotid doppler, abdominal sonar, abdominal vascular, sonar renal vascular, venous and arterial doppler of extremities, Dexa Bone Density testing, pulmonary function testing, vision testing and audiometry. No more running from one side of town to the other to have your testing done.
  • Seale Harris Clinic will use the latest all digital x-ray system for fast, high-quality diagnostic studies.
  • Seale Harris Clinic believes that no patient should wait days or weeks to see their doctor. That is why we have same day appointments available for our patients and new patients who need to see a physician immediately.

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